Letter to the Editor: ‘Bad apples’ ruin tailgating for everyone wanting to have fun


First off, I would like to commend the editor for supplying a non-biased article on tailgating, an issue that is very much at the heart of our university.

However, I find it hard to believe that one of our OWN Jackrabbits would say that “students with no room in the student section may stand … or they can go home.” If you’ve been to an SDSU game lately, you would see that the visitors’ section has more blue and gold in it than opposing colors! This is why I find it audacious that one of our own would have the nerve to tell us to go home!

How does cutting tailgating off at 30 minutes before the game make it a more family-friendly environment? The same wild people will still be acting the same way, just not 30 minutes before the game. If it’s unruly behavior that they’re worried about, then it isn’t that complicated for UPD to simply be patrolling the area.

With the “needing somewhere to go” comment, it’s not like this is an everyday occurrence on campus. Rather, it only happens leading up to a football game. I don’t see how SDSU is “babysitting” the student body by allowing us a place to tailgate. I also believe that referring to SDSU as “out of touch” may be a bit extreme, but their grasp on the student body’s opinions may be slipping slightly.

In the end, its like every other group of people. There are a few bad apples that ruin it for the whole. I think that with a little co-operation between the student body, SDSU and UPD, we could solve this problem and allow students to tailgate up to and through the game in a fun and respectful manner.

John William Rudolph Langholz

Freshman Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering Major