Look at those lovely “ladies”

Jodi Wethor

Jodi Wethor

Students experienced “women” (fellow male classmates) strutting, leaping, dancing and sweet-talking their way into their hearts at the 2008 Homelycoming Pageant.

Ryan Stee, “Beatrice Bumbblestuff”, was crowned Miss Homelycoming in the fifth annual pageant Sept. 30.

“Now that I’ve won, I’m going to take Chris Daugaard on a date,” said Stee, a senior history and global studies major. “I practiced dancing at The Wellness Center in front of the mirrors. Some of the older patrons were making fun of me, but it was totally worth it.”

Matthew Harty, “Lindsey Peppercorn”, a junior Spanish and athletic training major received, first runner-up and Miss Congeniality. Ryan Velgersdyk, “Bristol Paline”, a senior graphic design major was second runner-up.

In order to be in the competition, participants needed to be a male student willing to model workout clothes, swimwear and evening gowns, participate in a talent portion and answer a question, said Carson Dinger, UPC Social Awareness Coordinator.

“I love this event, because it has been my favorite by far each year,” Dinger said. “I mean it’s not every day you get to see a bunch of dudes dressed in drag parading around on stage.”

This was Dinger’s first year in charge of the pageant. The only change made to the event was that it was relocated from the Performing Arts Center to the Volstorff Ball room.

Other participants were Pat Mach, “Pat Maneater Mach;” Gary Delaney, “GareBear DaaLady;” Ben Wise, “Frenchy Kiss;” and “Loretta Sin,” who alternatively references to himself as Red.

“I had to travel numerous places to search for roller skates, but in the end, I had to resort to glittery roller blades for my talent,” said Velgersdyk. “I had to dance a lot to prepare, but once I got the woman voice and walk down, I was looking sexy,” said Mach, a sophomore biology major. “I’m disappointed that I lost, but it was a fun and exciting experience. My favorite part was the opening dance because I rocked that!”

Emcees Nolan Hayes, “Grandma Margaret Downing, Jr.”, and Kyle Jameson, “Kyle Downing, Jr.”, entertained the audience with embarrassing moments and stories of the past.

“I thought the emcees were hilarious,” said Darcie Beier, a senior early childhood education major. ” [Hayes] was out of control. I loved it when he had to turn around so he would stop laughing.”

The judges for the pageant were Daugaard, SA President, Bethany Wuttke, UPC Grand Pooba, Brady Mallory, 2005 Homelycoming Runner-up “Barb Oobs”, Maria Spitz, assistant professor of Spanish and Angie Iverson-Maggi, instructor of Spanish.

“I really upped the bar with beauty and talent in 2005,” said Mallory about his judging technique. “I am looking for the grace and dignity that is Miss Homelycoming.”

The drag program is an event that revs the students up and gets them excited for the upcoming homecoming week, said Wuttke.

“Miss Homelycoming is a fun way to get students to celebrate the week and do something they don’t always get to do,” the Grand Pooba said.

As for the participants, dressing up as girls, squeezing into bathing suits and showcasing not only their talent, but their bodies as well, was all done in the name of fun and school spirit. However, it was not all fun and games, as participants were challenged with the dress code.

“It’s hard to strut when there’s stuff in the front,” said Stee.

#1.882407:44757095.jpg:homelycoming_sab-437.WEB.jpg:Ryan Stee (Beatrice Bumbblestuff) was named Miss Homelycoming Sept. 30.:Stephen Brua