CSI featured band comes to campus

Julie Frank

Julie Frank

Scratch track is a studio term referring to an unedited and uncut version of a recorded song not made for the public. It is the simplest form of a song consisting usually of just vocals and an instrument. It is also the meaning behind the name of the latest band to come to SDSU.

Scratch Track will perform Oct. 9 at Jacks’ Place, in the Union, at 8 p.m.

“I enjoy their sound and think everyone else will too,” said Carly Zebell, the University Program Council’s concert coordinator.

Scratch Track is made up of David DJ Lee (vocals and beat boxing) and Jason Hamlin (guitar, harmonica and bells) and consists solely of vocals, beat boxing and guitars.

According to Lee, the band describes themselves as alternative, blues and hip hop. Their music brings a fresh sound to the scene and has a significant guitar presence with a strong beat. Posted on their Web site, On Tap describes them as “Outkast or the Neptunes … throw in a guitar and more beat boxing, and you might come close.”

Lee and Hamlin met each other at college in Jackson, Tenn., and started the band five years ago.

“We never had a plan to start a band,” Lee said, “we were friends and hung out, and it grew from that.”

Since then, the band has toured the U.S. and performed throughout the world. They have opened for acts such as The Roots, Los Lonely Boys, Erykah Badu, Jurassic 5, Rehab, Twista and more, according to their Web site. Their music has also been featured on soundtrack slots for CSI New York, Sony Playstation’s “MLB” video game and Warren Miller’s snowboarding film, Off the Grid.

Scratch Track has released four albums with the first, The Simple, dropping in 2003. It was followed up by Unreleased Sessions and in 2006, Interpretation of the Afterwards was released.

Their latest album, The Legend of Wild Bill, came out in March. Lee said it was recorded in an “unconventional way.” They used old equipment and speakers to produce a simple and organic album. It took them only two weeks to record the new music and another two months to mix and master it.

Lee said the group writes their own music and is musically influenced by everything, including the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, gospel and more.

The UPC was introduced to the band when they performed at the National Association of Campus Activities’ Northern Plains Regional Conference in St. Paul according to the UPC’s president, Kyle Jameson. Jameson said the band has a unique blend of hip-hop, acoustic vibe and beat box.

“It’s important to experience different music to expand one’s mind and interest,” he said.

“We’re excited to come to Brookings,” said Lee, who has performed at other schools in South Dakota. “You’re going to see a show you’ve never seen before.”

Can’t wait to see the show? Check out their Web site, scratchtrackmusic.com, and their MySpace page to hear their music now.