Letter to the Editor: Parking solution needed


I know I am not alone when I express concerns regarding parking on the SDSU campus. I recently received a ticket for parking on the diagonal yellow lines outside of a student facility building in a commuter lot. I was in the lot no longer than five minutes as I went inside to turn in a paper. I could not park in a parking stall due to the fact that there were students with resident tags parked in the lot as well. I bought an $80 commuter tag at the beginning of the year so I could park on campus. However there is not enough available parking and I often find myself resorting to parking on the residential streets surrounding campus.

The SDSU traffic office sold parking tags to every student who wished to purchase one. They are not concerned that students who spent fifty to eighty dollars on a parking pass don’t have a place to park. They instead grasp this as an opportunity to grant more parking tickets. I know this is not only a problem for commuter students. Residents are also having trouble finding parking spaces. Many of these students are receiving parking violations for parking illegally in the residential lots because there is simply no parking available. As you can see this is becoming a problem for all students on campus. As a university community we need to work together and encourage the SDSU parking and traffic committee to closely reevaluate these parking issues and consider a solution that will benefit SDSU students.

Becca DeVaney

Senior education major