Variety night provides insight to English Club

Laura Lucas

Laura Lucas

People tend to view public singing, readings and music playing as a bad thing, something “crazy” people do, said Rick Sutton, a junior English and Spanish major.

Sutton has a different opinion. “I like to see people do open [microphone] nights and participate in them.”

On Dec. 13 at 8 p.m. in Cottonwood Coffee, the English Club is hosting the English Club Variety Night.

“Our club tried to think of a way to increase our profile. We want to let people know we are here, and this is a fun way to do it,” said David Faflik, assistant English professor and English Club adviser.

Sutton, who will play an acoustic guitar and sing, is one of about 16 people set to perform. The song Sutton has prepared is “Play Crack the Sky” by the band Brand New.

According to Faflik, both students and faculty have signed up with original and written pieces. Performances include works of poetry, songs, monologues, comedy routines and short stories.

“Our hope is it’s fun for everyone,” said Allison Crisler, a senior English major and president of the English Club. “This is another way students can see the creativity we are trying to encourage.”

The English Club Variety Night is scheduled to last two hours. Everyone is encouraged to come, listen and participate.

According to Faflik, students should attend because, “you can find out what the English Department is and does in and outside of the classroom.”