FALL ’08: Top 12 Quotes


“It’s going to be great to look at the trophy for another year (Dakota Marker).”- Conrad Kjerstad, sophomore football player (Dec. 3)

“It’s not only the assist-to-turnover ratio, it’s also just plain, old shooting. You can’t be 5-15 from the free-throw line.”- Lisa Stone, women’s head basketball coach for Wisconsin (Nov. 17)

“I drank too much water. … Then, I hit the ditch to relieve myself.” – Mark York, sophomore participant in the Jack 15 Road Race (Oct. 1)

“Getting a good start to the Summit League portion of our season was very important. … It was not only imperative that we get two positive results but to win on the road is also vital to accomplishing our seasonal goals. The team handled the long flights and van rides and did what they needed to do this past weekend. But it will only get tougher as we progress further into conference play over the next three weekends.”- Lang Wedemeyer, women’s head soccer coach (Oct. 1)

“Despite my pleas for her to pull out, Ashley finished strong.” (About Ashley Storm finishing a race despite being stepped on).- Rod DeHaven, men and women’s head cross country coach (Oct. 8)

“Lifting girls is harder than it seems. … I’ll challenge any guy to do what we do; it’s a lot different than a dumbbell.”- Tim Bisantz, SDSU cheerleader (Oct. 8)

“Geoff really shines on difficult golf courses, which Sand Ridge Golf Club definitely is. … He’s got the ability to go low on tough golf courses, and his 73 the first round might have been most impressive considering he made a double and a quadruple bogey during that round.”- Jared Baszler, men and women’s head golf coach (Oct. 8)

“We have very high goals for numbers of shoes, but the fact of the matter is if we raise any, it is a success. … My hope is to put thousands upon thousands of shoes in the hands of Samaritan’s Feet so they can help these kids.”- Scott Nagy, men’s head basketball coach (Oct. 15)

“Just to get the taste again. Often, we have waited for that moment with our tough schedule. What better time with matches at home.”- Nana Allison-Brewer, women’s head volleyball coach (Oct. 15)

“Corey Paluch is the most outstandingly talented player we have had at SDSU. … He has only been held back from some really great wins at the highest level of D-I by injury problems, but a healthy Corey can compete with the very best.”- Don Hanson, men and women’s head tennis coach (Oct. 22)

“It’s been a pretty cool experience, because when you came to a university for athletics, people assume that’s all you do,” said – Ashlea Muckenhirn, senior basketball player (Oct. 29)

“I kind of laugh about it now,” Aaron Johnston said about the women having to use a men’s ball because the referees made a mistake. “Sometimes we all take ourselves really serious here in college athletics, with something like that, if you can’t all get chuckle out of it, I think we’re really missing out.”- Aaron Johnston, women’s head basketball coach (Dec. 12)