Students’ Association must support AL Cloud


Editorial Board

Issue: The administration and Students’ Association are constructing the Active Learning Cloud – a plan to improve wireless infrastructure, classroom technology and faculty training.

Students’ Association, do not let this opportunity pass us by.

SDSU was spared from the Mobile Computing Initiative brought forth from the Board of Regents. That plan included required laptops and plenty of headaches for both students and faculty. Now, with the Active Learning Cloud, our campus has the opportunity to improve our technology on our terms. Mike Adelaine, vice president of information technology, has drafted this plan to maintain technology on campus, as well as foster new ideas in integrating technology in the classroom.

Of course, this plan will require a student fee increase. SA needs to review the plan closely and work with Adelaine to ensure proper usage of funding. When students are paying more than $3 more per credit hour, the AL Cloud needs to be detailed and comprehensive. However, now is not the time to concern ourselves with “sticker shock” if the plan will keep SDSU’s technology competitive and up-to-date.

A large component of this plan is improvement to Internet infrastructure. Students have been clamoring for wireless Internet for years. Wireless accessibility has vastly improved over the years. For the most part, students have access to fairly good connections and decent coverage. However, can we know the current system will be enough in the future?

The administration needs to ensure simplicity in any new systems. Currently, sites like Mystateonline seem under-utilized. Improving faculty education on available technology will give them the tools to better use the technology this plan will create. Alongside new wireless Internet routers, we need to give faculty the opportunity to enrich our education.

We want this plan. Please, work to get this plan in motion.

Our alternative is the Mobile Computing Initiative.

Stance: While drafting its resolution on the AL Cloud, we feel the Students’ Association must look to the future while demanding the best use of students’ money. This plan will ensure the constant funding of technology on campus not just in the next two years, but far beyond the time we will spend on this campus.