“Little I” open to all students

Lauren Fosheim

Lauren Fosheim

Little International will hold its annual animal drawing Feb. 18 at 7 p.m. in Rotunda D. Animals included in the drawing are horses, beef cattle, hogs, sheep and dairy cattle.

The Little International drawing process is similar to a lottery process. Each student wanting to show an animal fills out a card with their contact information and which animal they would like to exhibit. All cards are put in a container and drawn one at a time. When a student’s card is drawn, they announce which animal they would like to show. Because the number of animals available is limited, cards will be drawn until all of the animals are taken or all the cards have been drawn.

Little International will take place March 27 to 28 at SDSU.

Jared Sanderson, a senior animal science major and Little International manager, encourages students of all ages and majors to participate.

“[Little International] is a great way to meet different people at SDSU, both students and faculty members alike.”

For those concerned with skill level, Little International has two divisions-experienced and novice. Sanderson said novice showmen have the option of having the more experienced help them prepare for the show.

Little International shows are a competition, but Alissa Johnson, Little International assistant manager, said there is more to it than just winning.

“Showing is a great way for a student to learn hard work and responsibility – things that go hand in hand with working with animals.”

Sanderson also notes a sense of pride with participating in Little International.

“Being involved in the nation’s largest student-run event gives a person great pride in being a part of such a large event and experience.”

Even if students are not interested in showing animals at Little International, Johnson encouraged everyone to come and show their support.

“It’s a great event that takes all year to produce. Students put in a lot of effort and work really hard, so everyone should come check it out.”

Little International is open to students of all ages and majors. Other than livestock shows, students can participate in different judging contests throughout Little International. For more information about the drawing or Little International in general, contact [email protected].