Don’t get caught wearing a Canadian tuxedo

Emily Wickstrom

Emily Wickstrom

Hey, it’s time for another list of Em’s fashion findings. Please remember I am only a columnist and you may not agree with what I am saying is fashionable in my column, but I make this list up from what I like to wear or what I see around campus. Please don’t take offense if you don’t agree with what I find fashionable. I change my mind so often that some of these things may be out of style on me in a week. As always, make your own fashion. It is just more fun that way!

Wrong: Denim Jackets

Right: Vests

Why? My manager wears them at Applebee’s, I’ve spotted them on my Juice editor, Laura Lucas, and I’ve spotted them on many people around campus, including myself. They add a little bit of creativeness to your wardrobe. You can dress them up and wear them over a nice shirt with black pants, or dress them down and wear them with jeans. “Denim jackets just seem wrong in so many ways,” said Ericka Syhre, a senior apparel merchandising student. “I made the mistake of wearing one in my senior picture and will forever be disturbed by this memory. Plus, there’s always that worry of accidentally wearing a Canadian tuxedo (a suit made entirely of denim).”

Wrong: Glasses without a rim

Right: Fashion glasses

Why? I love thick-rimmed glasses. Usually you see them in either black or brown. They accent people’s faces nicely, and if you choose the right shade, they pair nicely with your skin and eye color.

Wrong: Black

Right: Plaid