Kottonmouth Kings back in area

Alec Vanhove

Alec Vanhove

After several years away, The Kottonmouth Kings returns to Sioux Falls March 9 at the Ramkota Exhibit Hall.

The group known for huge beats, punk edge and love of partying consists of Daddy X, Johnny Richter and D-Loc on vocals, DJ Bobby B on turntables, Lou Dog behind the drums and Pakelika on “Hydro-Mechanix.” The Kottonmouth Kings are not shy about their fondness of alcohol and marijuana, but this is far from the whole story. KMK will take proceeds from their newest record The Green Album and donate them to charities such as Ward 57, Surf Rider Foundation and Life Rolls On Foundation, helping wounded Iraq War veterans, improvement of the world’s beaches and those with spinal cord injuries, respectively. They decided to donate their profits “just as a small gesture ? we wanted to give back,” said Daddy X.

The last time KMK visited Sioux Falls the group did more than just knock down the Ramkota with their music. Brad “Daddy” X said they visited Wild Water West, the movies and of course, Applebee’s.

Surprisingly, Daddy X is a big fan of the region, “I love the Dakotas and that part of the country. The people are nice, and a lot of Native American brothers and sisters out there support us.”

Kottonmouth Kings have been together, touring and going strong for nearly 15 years. “Fans really are the sponsors of the band. They keep our doors open,” said Daddy X.

Their sound consists primarily of hip hop but with lots of rock and punk elements, too. Daddy X says his influences are old school hip hop, punk and classic rock.

“We wanted to create our own original sound; we don’t consider ourselves rock/rap, but we do incorporate punk. We wanted to create something new and innovative, and I feel we’ve done that. That’s why we’re still here fifteen years later,” said Daddy X.

The new record grabs your attention quickly with “Blaze of Glory,” and doesn’t really let up. The tune “Where I’m Going” is more introspective, discussing doing what you love and succeeding while doing so.

Although these guys may not be “socially acceptable” they are honest, real and very cool to talk with. Before interviewing Brad “Daddy” X, I had only listened to the one KMK album I own. After talking with the man, I listen to their music more open-mindedly, realizing it is very well produced and a straight-up good listen.

When not touring or writing music, the group spends time at Daddy X’s label Suburban Noize, mixing albums for the 20-some bands on the company roster.

The concert costs $23 and starts at 7:30 p.m. The show includes openers La Coka Nostra, Blaze and more.