Dining, residential hall expansions move forward

Brandon Van Meter

Brandon Van Meter

Click here for a photo slide show of the proposed buildings.

Administrators at SDSU have a clear picture for future construction – a sports bar and a new type of residence hall.

“We’re most excited about the opportunity to provide another living style to students,” said Doug Wermedal, assistant vice president of Student Affairs.

The new hall would feature integrated recycling services and single-occupancy room options. Ideas from other buildings, like Caldwell Hall and its 4-to-1 restroom ratio, will be carried over to the new hall.

“This is a new style of living that blends together different ideas,” said Wermedal.

During a Students’ Association senate meeting on March 4, Wermedal estimated the living costs at the new hall to be under $2,000 a semester.

A proposed dining services expansion at The Union includes more seating and different dining opportunities.

Currently, the north-side expansion is planned to feature a sports-bar atmosphere with SDSU memorabilia and several TVs, while the south-side expansion could house a national food chain.

“I feel very good about both projects,” said Keith Skogstad, assistant director for Student Union Operations.

Skogstad encourages anyone with comments or questions to contact The Union office at 688-4960.

Both projects are not finalized and will receive minor changes until the next Board of Regents meeting on April 2 to 3. The BOR will look at the plan and decide whether to move forward.

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