Letter to the Editor: One too many beers changed whose life forever?


I find this article disturbing and degrading to women and am disappointed The Collegian found an article reinforcing societal views blaming women in rape cases appropriate to print. As a woman, I am particularly offended by Mr. Salas’ comments: “Why would any woman in her right mind hook up with [them]…? What happened to her common sense?? I am sure she was aware of the consequences…. Upon joining them, alone, she had already voluntarily offered herself!” Why don’t I, as a woman, have the right to do what I want without worrying about what other people are going to do to me? I feel I should mention the effect this article has on women and on victims of sexual abuse. When a person’s body is abused, the person experiences the traumatic psychological, physical, and health consequences. What is sometimes even harder to take is when he/she all too often experiences revictimization (such as was delivered by Mr. Salas) through questioning his/her actions (see questions in above paragraph). For those who have suffered a sexual assault of any kind, these comments are profoundly accusatory. Especially in this article where no concrete evidence is given, I am amazed how Nicole can be accused of doing anything wrong. What is more, I am disappointed in a society that blames women for other’s actions.

Emily NoemCounseling and Human Resource Development graduate student