Searching for textbooks no longer needle in the haystack experience

Kali Lingen

Kali Lingen

Students who found buying books to be a hassle may not have to worry anymore; a remodel of its lower level should streamline the book buying process.

“We are making the space more functional and usable for the students,” Bookstore Director Derek Peterson said.

The Bookstore’s lower level will have shelving in rows, like a library, instead of the stacks at various angles it had, Peterson said. There will not be a circle in the middle of the textbook area, only rows.

When buying textbooks, students will not have to go to a stack in a different area to find the book they are looking for. A particular subject’s books will be in one area. Peterson said even for classes that have a large number of students, such as Biology 101 which can have 700 to 800 students, all of the books for the class will be in that subject’s section.

Not only will subjects be grouped together but there will also be better signage for each subject matter in the textbook area. Peterson hopes that this, along with the new layout, helps ease the confusion.

Theresa Hollinger, a freshman art education major, had troubles with the previous set-up.

“There were so many people buying books, and I couldn’t find someone to help me,” said Hollinger.

“It was confusing and chaotic,” said Amber Pilker, a junior art education major.

Pilker said she does not like dealing with all the people while buying textbooks from the Bookstore. Sometimes, she waits to see if she even needs all the books for her classes.

The lower level of the Bookstore also houses the stock overflow of the clothing and other items from the main level of the Bookstore. The clothing stock area will gain 200 square feet, and the textbook area will gain 140 square feet of usable space from the remodel, Peterson said.

“There will be a permanent gate blocking off the lower level after the first few weeks because of the books’ values,” said Peterson.

Within the last year, the Bookstore has added dressing rooms on the main level. Peterson hopes that in the next year there will be new flooring on the main level as well.

“We hope sales increase with the easier way to find books,” Peterson said.

The textbook area remodel will be ready in fall 2009.

#1.881804:3876625587.jpg:IMG_7778.1.jpg:The University Bookstore is being remodeled to meet the needs of the students and store staff. The remodel will be ready for fall 2009 semester. :Robby Gallagher