Putting volunteers in the spotlight for adult-rated show

Meghann Rise

Meghann Rise

The Multicultural Center will be hosting hypnotist Sailesh April 7 at 8 p.m. in the Volstorff Ballroom.

“We wanted a fun and different form of entertainment for our students,” said James McKinney of the Multicultural Center. “Sailesh definitely fits that prototype.”

Sailesh is a world-renowned hypnotist from Fiji and has performed in Africa, Canada, Sweden, Iceland, England, Finland and all throughout Europe. He has been honored by MTV London as the most charismatic and entertaining hypnotist in the world. VH1 has also praised his Internet videos as the funniest on the net, and he has appeared on E!.

According to Sailesh’s Web site and illusionist Reza Borchardt, Iceland contains some of Sailesh’s biggest fans. He requires constant security, and they even stand outside his door at night protecting him from fanatics. He had the top-selling documentary DVD in Iceland, as well.

Borchardt of Brookings said Sailesh is the best at what he does.

“He’s not like some after-prom hypnotists that do it for a hobby,” Borchardt said. “The energy in his shows is intense. He has taken the art of hypnosis to an incredible new level, bringing the energy of an L.A. nightclub to the stage.”

Borchardt, an illusionist, often tours with Sailesh and knows him personally. Like many people, Borchardt was skeptical of hypnosis. Not until he went to one of Sailesh’s show and talked to him personally was he convinced the hypnosis was real.

Erik Hanson, a senior mechanical engineering major from Sioux Falls, S.D., said he would be interested in going.

“[Hypnotism] is entertaining,” said Hanson.

Hanson said he believed that hypnosis is real, for the most part.

“I guess it’s possible to go into a state where you can be easily manipulated,” he said.

Using hypnosis, Sailesh is able to do more than make men believe they are women or convince people to talk with their genitals. He is also a motivational hypnotist. Using post hypnotic state suggestions, individuals are exposed to a burst of energy in which Sailesh can provide them with necessary tools that will help them reach their goals.

Various acts in Sailesh’s show include, “The Jerry Springer Show,” “Opposite Sex Dating Service” and “Rubber Body Parts.”

According to Sailesh’s Web site, hypnosis is a sleep-like condition that can be artificially induced in people in which they can respond to questions and are very susceptible to suggestions from the hypnotist.

The act Sailesh will perform at SDSU will be in the PG-13 to R range. Sailesh will utilize the audience during the show and will focus entirely on volunteers from the audience.

“I am not the star of the show; the volunteers are,” Sailesh said.

Audience members are not pressured into volunteering. There is a group of chairs on stage, and members from the audience voluntarily walk up on stage and fill up the chairs.

The show is free and open to all students.

Sophomore English major Adam Wehrkamp thinks everyone should attend.

“It’s free, and he’s a world-renowned hypnotist,” said Wehrkamp. “Why not go?”