Comedian lands in Midwest for first time

Melissa Fose

Melissa Fose

Put on your laughing shoes and watch Michelle Buteau put on a New York City-style comedy show at Jacks’ Place April 21, starting at 8 p.m.

“She’s a little bit different than most comedians. She doesn’t care what other people think,” said University Program Council Showcase Coordinator Jada Joseph. “And she’s very proud of it.”

“No matter what type of show ? everyone is going to find something funny in it,” Buteau said.

Many of Buteau’s jokes stem from random things that happen on stage.

“I’ve noticed that most of my material is circumstantial; real life [and] being in the moment,” Buteau said.

After appearing on Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, Last Comic Standing and various other television shows, Buteau will arrive in South Dakota for the first time.

“[Buteau] keeps you on the edge of your seat laughing,” said Joseph, a sophomore music merchandising major.

Buteau started her comedy career in New York City almost eight years ago. After being known as the funny friend or the funny co-worker, she attended several comedy shows, as well as a comedy class.

During this time, she noticed there were not many women on the stage. Buteau said she wanted to become the Oprah of comedy, giving a voice for women in the comedy profession.

“I don’t ever want to stop!” Buteau said about continuing her comedy throughout her lifetime.

She had originally moved to New York City to pursue her television career after earning a degree from Florida International University in Miami.

While at FIU, Buteau made a 62-minute comedy DVD called Buteaupia. While most of the DVD is stand-up comedy, she also includes about 15 minutes of Q&A with random people in New York City. Buteaupia DVDs will be available at the show for $5.

Before the show, UPC will be handing out free stuff for correctly answered questions about UPC.

“I think she will be one of the funniest things that has come to campus in quite a while,” Joseph said. “I think SDSU students will greatly enjoy it.”