Spruce up male fashion with shoes, suits and ties

Emily Wickstrom

Emily Wickstrom

I realized the other day that all year I have written my fashion column based on women’s clothing, and I decided I would offer something for my many guy friends. I hope you enjoy it.

Wrong: Men’s Giorgio Brutini Baby Calf 2019

Right: EL Rey Blacklite Special

Why?: I am very jealous of anyone who can pull off shorts and tennis shoes together and have them look stylish. I spotted the PUMA EL Rey Blacklite Special shoe on my friend Kirby Morsching about a week ago. If you are looking for a comfortable pair of shoes to go with shorts or jeans, you should definitely check these out. I would even wear them if I could find them in women’s sizes!

“I bought the shoes about three years ago in Bellingham, Washington, for about $5 because they were on a clearance rack,” said Morsching, a senior broadcast journalism major. “I liked their look and how simple they were. They are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes I own; I suggest everyone owns a pair!”

Wrong: Cut offs

Right: Men’s shorts

Why?: Hollywood says men should pair a lightweight knit, cardigan or hoodie two sizes bigger than what you would normally wear with a pair of shorts. These shorts are supposed to hit at the knee and higher. I do not agree with this trend, and I just think it looks awkward. I think men should stick with their shorts at the length at about the knee or a little longer. I especially think a tan short with a nice polo looks stylish. Want to impress even more? Try on a pair of plaid shorts and pair it with a basic neutral shirt in a color you find in the shorts. I have on occasion been found to make my friends change into them because I like the look of them so much. The plaid shorts give you a little style but are still basic and comfy.

“I like to wear shorts because they can be comfy and formal at the same time. Too bad it isn’t warm enough to wear them year round! I like finding them on sale, but my favorite place to buy them from is Aeropostale,” said Jordan Schettler, a senior nursing major.

Wrong: Pimp Suits

Right: Tailored Suits