Cutler trade impacts more than just Broncos, Bears

Kyle Beck

Kyle Beck

We’ve all heard about the impact that the Jay Cutler trade will have on his former and new teams, the Denver Broncos and the Chicago Bears, respectively. Let’s take a look at how other teams and players will be affected by a trade that, on the surface at least, had nothing to do with them.

The Detroit Lions

With Cutler out of the picture, I think it becomes even more apparent that the Lions will draft Georgia Quarterback Matt Stafford with the No. 1 overall pick. QB and offensive tackle are two positions that are worth the kind of money that a No. 1 overall pick receives, and Baylor OT Jason Smith isn’t entirely out of the picture yet. However, an offensive lineman will be around at No. 20 if they choose Stafford at No. 1. There is no guarantee that one of the three franchise QBs in this year’s draft will be around at No. 20 if they elect to go with Smith at No. 1.

Mark Sanchez

The University of Southern California’s QB has cemented his status as the number two QB in this draft with an impressive pro day workout, and he appeared to be on the way up the draft boards before the Cutler trade happened. Now that Cutler is no longer available, expect Sanchez to be valued even higher. The teams that lost out on the Jay Cutler sweepstakes (the Redskins, Panthers, Jets, Buccaneers) that do not have a high first-round pick may have to swing a trade with a team that drafts before San Francisco and Denver, at No. 10 and No. 12, respectively, if they want a chance to draft Sanchez. If Denver wants, however, they appear to be the team in the best position to trade up for Sanchez; the No. 12 pick and the extra third-round selection they received from the Bears in the Cutler deal may be enough to do it.

Josh Freeman

Kansas State’s QB is the only other QB prospect expected to be drafted on day one. The teams that won’t have enough ammunition to trade up for Sanchez may set their sights a little lower and try to nab Freeman.

The Jacksonville Jaguars

Although a handful of teams in the top 10 may be interested in moving down and acquiring more picks, no one may want to do so more than Jacksonville at No. 8. The Jags’ top needs could be addressed later in the first round, and the No. 8 spot might be high enough to draft QB Mark Sanchez.

The New York Jets

The Jets want to win now. With Cutler in Chicago and not a lot to offer in a trade to get Sanchez or Freeman, they may settle for free agent QBs Jeff Garcia or Byron Leftwich and try their luck with a QB next year.

Julius Peppers

Carolina’s franchised defensive end may be the only way that the Panthers would be able to move up in the first round and get a QB. Carolina is without a first-round pick after trading it to Philadelphia last year. Peppers wants out of Carolina, and the Cutler deal may get him his wish.