Letter to the Editor: Technology Fee Increase


I find it interesting that the BOR would support a fee increase to be used almost solely on wireless expansion when the wired service on campus has been failing on an epic scale for the past three weeks. When I get to my room, I have to rub my rabbit’s foot and pray that I will have Internet, and I am usually disappointed. The only response I get when I raise this issue with the I.T. office is, “we’re working on it.” I understand that these systems are not perfect, and I expect certain problems to arise, but this is getting absurd. My Internet service is a joke. I find it hard to believe that the wireless service will somehow spectacularly enhance my on-campus experience when the current internet service is spotty at best. I sincerely hope that this increase will improve service on campus, but having dealt with the practiced incompetence of the current service provider, I’m not holding my breath.

Daniel Arch, freshman journalism major