BOR director search update

Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown

The process for finding a replacement for Robert T. Tad Perry, executive director for the Board or Regents, is now taking further action.

Applications for Perry’s replacement will be reviewed at an upcoming meeting by the BOR and other constituents.

“The Regents are on the committee, but I don’t know who the other constituents will be,” said Dean Krogman, Regent for the BOR.

The meeting will discuss which of the applicants are qualified and who will be interviewed. It is scheduled to be held April 9 in Pierre.

“The meeting will be held in executive session,” said Perry. “It [the meeting] will be announced and posted as required by law.”

The number of applicants is still unclear and names of applicants have not been released.

“We will have probably 10 to 11 applicants and then decide who we want to interview,” said Krogman.

The actual interviews for the final applicant choices will be held April 21.