Students’ work showcased during graduate symposium


Steven J. Hurd

A symposium that allows graduate students to present their research to the public will be held in The Union April 16 to 18.

“The primary purpose of the [2009 SDSU Graduate Student Symposium] is to create an intellectual environment in which members of the SDSU community can interact with their peers in terms of their academic work,” said Mary Carlson, a graduate teaching assistant and public relations coordinator for the event.

The symposium will be held in The Union in rooms 153, 169A and 169D on April 16 and 17. On April 18, the presentations will be made in rooms 58, 53 and 269 of The Union. Presentations will run from morning to late afternoon, although no specific times have yet been scheduled for presenters.

The SDSU English Department is sponsoring the conference. The conference is open to any subject or specialty area within the College of Arts and Science.

“Although the primary interest may be for graduate students in Arts and Science, everyone is invited to attend the symposium and converse about the subjects they are studying in class and papers they may be writing,” said Carlson.

The first graduate student symposium was held last year, and since there was enough interest, the English Department and Graduate School have decided to hold the event again. If the event shows signs of success, the opportunity for expansion will arise.

“If the symposium is successful, we would love to open the event up to all majors,” said Carlson.

#1.881708:3919823272.jpg:DSC_0946.1.jpg:Jace Williams, a graduate English student, practices a presentation of his paper at the Writing Center.:Pavan Kulkarni