Five key tips on how to keep the love flowing

Doc Love

Doc Love

Every relationship has its trials and tribulations. In a healthy relationship, a correct balance of chemistry and independence is needed for a relationship to maintain and grow in form. Small arguments or disagreements can also open different lines of communication. Throughout a relationship, you should always be growing with each other, but also as a person. Secondly, you should be constantly finding new things about your significant other you may have never known. Remember, relationships need work just not by one person, but by both of you. Different things can make or break a relationship.

5. Friends and family: friends and family play an extremely large part in anyone’s life. However, this does not mean you need to be flawless or be in agreement with everything your significant other’s family and friends believe. The secret is to be respectful to their beliefs. They believe you are a different person and that you bring a different view to the table. Maintaining a friendly relationship with the closest people in his or her life is a factor in keeping your relationship alive.

4. Past interests: typically, a relationship is defined to be two people. Because of this, throwing a third person in the equation leads to disaster. Suspicion and distrust of a lingering ex can throw a wrench in your relationship. My advice is to communicate with your significant other to discuss the fact that you are not interested in the past. Also, communicate with the lingering ex to establish your feelings. Make it known that you are not interested.

3. The Blueprint: learning from past relationships can play a large part in the relationship you are currently in. The biggest mistake, however, is judging your current relationship with your past relationships. Every person brings something significant and interesting to the table. A relationship shouldn’t consist of a “blueprint” of the negative things of your past. You also should not criticize your significant other for doing things that remind you of the past. Although things may seem relative at times, be proactive in this approach.

2. Be Yourself/Be Together: this is one of the toughest issues that face most relationships. The secret is striking a balance between “being together” and “being you”. Stress comes in many forms, but stress is often created when you seem to have no social life. Talk to your significant other to find the right balance of homework, studying, friends, family and relationship time. If too much independence occurs, your significant other may start to feel lonely.

1. Cheating: this is, unfortunately, the largest relationship destroyer. Not only that, it’s a destroyer many couples do not survive. Communication and trust are the two critical elements to a successful relationship. Once someone confesses to cheating or is caught cheating, both of these critical elements are nearly, if not completely, destroyed. However, some couples still find a way to maintain a relationship. Although you may work past the cheating, the future hardly seems bright. My advice to you is simple: Don’t cheat. If the chemistry and passion has lost its touch, communicate that with your significant other and find a solution.

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