Do Not Enter signs could come down

Amy Poppinga

Amy Poppinga

Action by the Students’ Association may result in the removal of a pair of contentious Do Not Enter signs.

SA passed a resolution unanimously on Sept. 21 to encourage administrators to remove the two Do Not Enter signs from the east lot of The Union. The resolution cited safety concerns and stated that having two one-way streets parallel to each other is “uncommon and generally not feasible.”

“A ton of students just break the rules and go in the lot or whip around the front of the building where pedestrians walk,” said Tim Goldammer, one of the resolution’s sponsors. “It’s not a safe environment for students right now. We should take action.”

Goldammer talked with officials in the Facilities and Services office several times on Sept. 22, and officials there seemed to be okay with the signs coming down, he said. The decision still has to go through the Parking and Traffic Committee, which will discuss the issue early next week.

The Do Not Enter signs went up earlier this year to streamline traffic and help maintain the parking lot for visitors. When The Union hosts events, part or even all of that lot will be blocked off for visitor parking. Shutting down one of the entrances makes that lot easier to control, said Jennifer Novotny, director of The Union.

Working with the facilities and services office, Union officials decided that placing the Do Not Enter signs there would be better than putting up signs that would have essentially closed down The Union loop. The signs’ location may not be perfect, Novotny said, because she has heard concerns about pedestrian safety since the signs went up.

“If there’s a safety concern, I’m sure we’ll look at that,” she said.

For many of those that park in the lot, safety is not their only concern. The new signs have caused frustration and headaches.

“It’s annoying,” said Zach Krueger, a Hansen Hall resident who drives across campus. “You have to wait for people to cross to go over to The Union.”

Kalen Moodie, a sophomore business economics major, suggested that the Do Not Enter signs be put by the entrance across the parking lot from the current signs. This could help control traffic while also reducing drivers’ temptations to park illegally, he said.

“It’s something they need to review,” he said. “People have to drive through visitor parking. It’s a hassle and so some people just park there.”

Goldammer said he would like to see the signs removed by the end of this month. For her part, Novotny is prepared to look further into this issue.

“Based on hearing from students that this is a safety concern, I will look personally into this with the facilities and services staff,” said Novotny. “We will work towards some better place.”