Briggs Library offers new food services for students

Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown

Getting the munchies while studying can be a hazard for some SDSU students, Hilton M. Briggs Library began providing food and coffee sales in the library lobby on Sept. 1.

“We will be serving Starbucks’ coffee, sandwiches and salads among other things,” said David Gleim, dean of libraries.

The food services that were placed in the library are the same services that were recently removed from the Wellness Center.

“We just didn’t see the traffic we needed in sales of food at the Wellness Center,” said Jill Norman, director of Dining Services. “I think people just weren’t interested in food after they just finished working out.”

Norman said the library will serve convenience items like chips, candy, granola bars, yogurt and fruits as well as Starbucks coffee. All food and beverages sold can be purchased with all of the SDSU meal plans, as well as cash, credit cards and checks.

“We have been trying to get coffee and food in the library for quite some time,” said Gleim. “We have longer hours than any of the other buildings on campus, so most of the other food service places on campus are closed while we are still open.”

“I think it’s a brilliant idea,” said Chelsey Risse, a senior pharmacy major. “Selling coffee in the evening is a really good idea. Especially because the library is open later than The Union’s Java City is open.”

During finals week, the library is open exceptionally late hours.

“We will just see how sales go and then look at whether it would be a good idea to stay open later during finals week hours,” Norman said.

“I usually only go there during finals week,” said Whitney Harris, a senior clinical laboratory sciences major. “But I think we would go more often if you didn’t always have to leave to go get food.”

Food service hours in Briggs Library are Monday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“We really just want to serve what students want while they are studying, so we try to serve a variety of both healthy foods and easy snack foods,” said Norman.

The library has had an open food and drink policy in the past, and students have been welcome to bring in food and drinks.

“We see people bringing in food and coffee all the time,” said Gleim. “I think sometimes students don’t want to have to leave to go get something to eat and break their focus. This way, they can just go to the lobby and grab something quick to eat.”

A comment box will be available if students would like any additions to Briggs’ offerings.

“I really want students to feel welcomed when they come to the library,” said Gleim. “It is one of our big goals to make them have a comfortable study environment.”

Latest additions to the library include new chairs and a recent fiction section on the main level.

“I am excited for this change,” said Gleim. “I think it will be a really nice improvement for the library and I hope the students find the library to be a good place to come and study in a relaxed environment.”

#1.881594:244707647.jpg:library3.1.jpg:Adam Wehrkamp, a junior English major of Brandon, S.D., grabs a snack at the new coffee and snack shop in the Hilton M. Briggs Library.:Travis Entenman