Burgers and fries now available at all hours

Julia Burkstaller

Julia Burkstaller

Now, SDSU students can indulge in inexpensive, hot, speedy food at all hours of the night, every night of the week.

This fall, McDonald’s has decided to change its limited late-night business hours to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“We want to provide another source for [SDSU] students, because the only other places open 24/7 are gas stations,” said Jordan Hartshorn, a manager at McDonald’s.

The fast-food chain is hoping to appeal to students who want a late-night meal and not just a snack.

McDonald’s – which is located just south of campus on Sixth Street and 16th Avenue – provides a special “Late Night Menu” limited to Big N’ Tasty, Quarter Pounder (double or single), any wrap, breakfast burritos or hotcakes. Limited staff members, the need to provide quicker service and having to shut down equipment for daily cleaning are some of the reasons behind the restricted menu options. Nonetheless, McCafe options will also be available in the small hours of the night.

Sophomore Samantha Heesch thinks McDonald’s made a good choice but is concerned that the convenience can have a negative outcome.

“It’s a good and a bad thing. If nothing else is open at midnight and you’re hungry it’s a great place to go,” stated Heesch. “It just might be too tempting for late night snacks.”

Since the lobby closes at 10 p.m., walk-up ordering in the drive-thru is allowed and encouraged. Not only did McDonald’s base this decision on the appetites of SDSU students, but also out of concern for students’ safety.

“We allow walk-ups in the drive-thru late at night in order to help prevent drunk driving,” said Hartshorn. “We don’t want customers to be limited to just driving.”

Second year English major, Tiffany Young thinks that the walk-up feature is a smart move.

“I love the late-night drive-thru option,” said Young. “Mostly, I like the fact that they don’t mind if people walk [up to] the drive-thru. It’s really fun.”

Junior journalism major Kate Wegehaupt plans to take advantage of the new hours during late-night study sessions.

“I’m sure there are a lot of people who will take advantage of the new McDonald’s offer,” said Wegehaupt. “I’ll keep it in mind if I ever have midnight French fry cravings.”

The added business hours mean that there are more positions available. McDonald’s is hiring for the overnight shifts as well as its day hours.

“Whether we’re hiring or not, we typically like to meet with [applicants] so we can get to know them in case any positions open up [in the future],” said Hartshorn when asked about applying for a job.

Other fast-food businesses don’t plan to follow suit. Burger King and Arby’s have no plans to change their hours any time soon, managers said.

#1.881477:1024139639.jpg:mcdonald’s1.jpg:Brookings’ local McDonald’s is now open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for SDSU students to satisfy their midnight munchies. :Mackenzie Clayton