Parking success relies on driver cooperation

Amy Poppinga

Amy Poppinga

Enforcement began this week for a parking overhaul approved last spring, and school officials say that students must follow the rules for the plan to work.

The new parking plan features reserved lots in the middle of campus and flexible commuter lots on the exterior. Matt Tollefson, president of the Students’ Association, said students and faculty should make sure to park in their designated lot even if a closer parking spot is open.

“If you don’t have a reserved parking pass, please don’t park in a reserved lot,” he said. “You hurt another student or faculty member. Be honest and use the commuter lots.”

Parking in a reserved parking lot in the interior of campus costs $240 for 10 months or $120 for five months. Passes for these lots in the interior of campus sold out on Aug. 1.

Students can still buy commuter tags, though, at $120 for 10 months and $60 for five months. Students who buy that tag can park in any of the more than 20 commuter lots on the campus exterior. About 1683 of these tags were sold by August 28.

The remote lot near the Performing Arts Center is another parking option. These passes costs $80 for 10 months or $40 for five months.

Dean Kattelmann, assistant vice president for facilities and services, said the plan was created in part to reduce the risk of students being hit by cars in the heart of campus.

“It’s not for convenience. It’s for safety,” he said.

The new plan also provides for game-day and visitor parking. On game days, those who park in the commuter lots 17 north and east of the Stanley J. Marshall HPER Center will need to move their cars by 4 p.m. Commuter lot 17 south of the HPER needs to be cleared out by 5 p.m.

Visitors can get a free one-day parking tag at Admissions in the Administration Building, Information Exchange or the SDSU Police Department. The lot east of The Union will be an All Class (except Remote) lot, with a standard 30 spaces reserved for visitors. During events, more spaces will be blocked off for event guests.

“We are more visitor-friendly with our signage,” Kattelmann said. “We will direct visitors to the lots at The Union and Administration Building.”

Tollefson said students should take time to look at the plan and ask questions. The Students’ Association has information about the plan displayed in their office window near the east entrance of The Union. Parking maps can be found at the University Bookstore, Information Exchange, SDSUPD and at The SDSUPD at (605) 688-5117 or SA at (605) 688-5181 will answer questions about the plan.

Tollefson said it might take awhile, but he thinks students will adjust to the new plan.

“I think the biggest problem will be that for some classes, they will have to walk more,” he said. “They will have to readjust the time that they leave for some classes.”