Swift and West can teach students a valuable lesson about selflessness

Andrew Lafrance

Andrew Lafrance

The Sunday night behavior of Kanye West has got me thinking once again about what I feel is a large and current trend towards selfishness and indifference to others.

At the Video Music Awards on MTV Sunday night, the lovely and very tall Taylor Swift won Best Female Video. When her name was announced, she made the appropriate shocked facial gesture and glided toward the stage. The audience roared its approval. I danced around my room with glee.

Ms. Swift looked out over the crowd with a pleased and fulfilled expression upon her fair face. She began to remark how awesome it was to actually win a VMA when Kanye West bolted onto stage and rudely snatched her microphone.

“Taylor?” West began, “I’ll let you finish? but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time? of all time!” Taylor Swift was noticeably shocked. The crowd mumbled in a confused and unsatisfied manner.

Beyonce did not seem to understand what was occurring. Kanye West, after those few words, left the stage, leaving both Taylor Swift and me nearly in tears.

Why did Mr. West do what he did? It is not something that I would ever even dream of doing, especially at an event where Pink is in attendance. Did he jump on stage because he wanted his name in the headlines? Or because he wanted his chance to shine? Or perhaps because he does not care for Taylor Swift and her easy-going, breezy ways?

Personally, I think having to take away the microphone from a 19-year-old country pop singer is rather sad. Taylor Swift may not be a musical genius, but she and those around her were able to create a music video that caused my heart to soar and my tear ducts to bid farewell to a few small drops.

Selfishness in general seems to be a growing problem. Students on campus seem to not pay attention to each other’s needs. Campus organizations often have a hard time cooperating with one another to excel in what may be common goals. Professors use D2L or e-mail for convenience and perhaps, even without meaning to, create a wall between themselves and their students. Putting others in a place above you is a virtue that is nearing extinction.

I know that using Kanye West as an example about selfishness is perhaps far-fetched, but I was saddened by his antics. I was even more distraught when I thought about how unkindly we often interact with one another as a student body.

Today, try your best to put the spotlight on someone who deserves it. They will appreciate it. You will too.

You may even see me somewhere on campus, quietly weeping for joy.