Drop your line in the water with SDSU’s new Fishing Club

Shelbie Kinsey

Shelbie Kinsey

SDSU has a new edition to the many clubs on campus. The Fishing Club was officially recognized last February and is a great addition for enthusiasts of the sport to get together and do what they love.

Membership in the club has reached about 30 members and it just keeps growing. Since last semester, the club has grown by six people.

“The best part of this club is being together as a group and figuring things out. I love that I can make friends who have the same interests as me,” said club secretary Nikki Hegna, senior wildlife and fisheries major. “I also enjoy organizing the trips, and making decisions. I really feel my opinion in the club is valuable.”

Meetings take place once a month and dues are only $5 a semester. During meetings, members discuss upcoming fishing outings, possible tournaments and important issues facing anglers today.

“I haven’t fished in awhile, but I have always enjoyed it,” said sophomore journalism major Anna Prange. “I would consider becoming a member of this club to become more familiar with fishing again.”

The club also organizes professional guest speakers, kids’ fishing days and camping trips.

The club has participated in national tournaments representing SDSU and is not exclusive to spring; the club is also big on ice fishing.

“The main goal of this group is to bring people together with common interests and build skills and friendships. It is honestly shaping into a lot more then just fishing,” said Eric Weeman, club president and junior wildlife and fisheries major.

No skill is required to enjoy membership in this group, and it is open to all majors.

“My favorite thing about fishing is just getting to relax and unwind,” said Travis Bremer, junior agronomy major. “I think it would be really beneficial to meet more people who enjoy it as much as I do, and I will definitely consider joining this group.”

Members range from lifelong anglers to people who have never even picked up a pole. It is beneficial to beginners because many members have been fishing all their lives and can give newcomers tips.

“You don’t even need to know how to tie a fishing knot,” said Weeman.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the fishing club, contact Eric Weeman at [email protected].

#1.881439:155157271.jpg:fishing1.jpg:The SDSU Fishing Club was officially recognized last February. Since then, membership numbers are on the rise. :Twyla Meyer