Design committee a good decision


Editorial Board

Issue: Construction projects and a parking lot have disrupted green space across campus.

Green spaces are among the most popular areas at SDSU.

Whenever the weather is nice, these spaces are filled with students enjoying a good book or playing cricket, kickball and football. Each spring, students flock out to these areas to rid themselves of pale winter skin.

But green space has become a hot topic with students. Recent construction projects and a parking lot near Hansen Hall have taken away some of these recreational areas, and many students are not pleased.

These students miss playing pick-up games on what used to be green space north of Hansen Hall. They miss playing Ultimate Frisbee on the whole stretch of Rotunda Green, which has been taken over in part by the new residence hall construction.

That’s where the Campus Design Committee comes in.

This committee has been created to plan out the look and feel of campus. It will look at beautification processes, green space issues and the placement of future buildings and parking lots.

As students, we are glad to see that campus design planning is a priority and that green space is a part of that discussion. The recreational space not only allows students to blow off a little steam with a game of football, but it also helps them gain friends and connections at SDSU. It promotes a healthy lifestyle by giving them an outdoor area to play games, exercise and get some fresh air.

Plus, green space is one area that can differentiate SDSU from other universities. It’s hard for large universities in the heart of a city to have large, open green areas. At SDSU, we are lucky to have these recreational spaces, and we would like to keep most of them even as the university grows and develops.

Creating a campus design committee is definitely a good step for this university. It shows students that administrators are serious about making SDSU a beautiful campus with plenty of opportunities for recreation.

Stance: The new Campus Design Committee is a move in the right direction. We hope this committee works to preserve green spaces around campus even as the university grows.