Boys like girls invites you to dance


Cat Hill

Some albums are great dance party albums and some are better for relaxing. And then there are the albums that you blast with your windows down in the car or that you dance to in your room with a hairbrush in hand. The newest release from Boys Like Girls, which dropped on Sept. 8, is just that. Love Drunk is meant to be played as loud as possible. The positive energy given off is so infectious, it makes it hard to not sing along.

Love Drunk is a 10 track album with one bonus track featuring Taylor Swift. It’s one of the most powerful Power-Pop albums of 2009. The first track, “She’s Got a Boyfriend Now”, sets up the up-beat nature of the rest of the album. Even the slower tracks still have some sort of magnetism that makes them great.

Another great aspect about this album is the creative lyrics. The popular song “Love Drunk” and the adorable “Contagious” both use a unique play on words. A section in “Love Drunk” reads, “I used to be love drunk, but now I’m hung over. I love you forever, but now I’m sober.” In “Contagious” it declares, “I’m feeling sick, girl, you’re so contagious.” Creative lyrics have been lost in the idea to fit into mainstream music and it’s nice to see them starting to emerge.

Boys Like Girls has definitely matured as a band since their releases of “Thunder” and “The Great Escape”. But don’t think these Boston-based boys, Martin Johnson, 22, Paul DiGiovanni, 19, Bryan Donahue, 22 and John Keefe, 24, are losing their energy. With seven of the 11 songs on the album keeping you on your toes, the other four are great break pieces. “Someone Like You”, “The First One”, “Go” and “Two is Better Than One” are all beautiful pieces that deserve as much play time as the other up-beat pieces.

Overall, this album exceeded my expectations through the quality of the music, the lyrics and the maturity level. They have shown a positive growth since their start in 2005. On a scale of 5, this album rates a 4.5.

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