A healthy state

Amber Mason

Amber Mason

How do students balance studying for tests, going to class and doing homework and still have time to eat healthy and exercise? It may be hard to do, but many students at SDSU are taking important steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Joe Darrington, a senior majoring in agricultural engineering and pre-vet, said his lifestyle is healthy “most days.” Like many students at SDSU, he exercises regularly and makes sound meal choices, he said.

“For lunch today, I had some peanut butter sandwiches, an apple and some milk,” Darrington said. “Living off-campus I think it’s easier to eat healthy than it is on campus, because I always bring a sacked lunch.”

Many also find it easier to eat well while not on campus.

“If I am on campus sometimes I go to the vending machine if I need an extra snack ? and that’s not the best when I could go grab an apple at my house,” said Janni Anderson, a junior music education and physics major. “So yes, I guess it’s probably a little worse while school is in session.”

On the other hand, some students find it easier to maintain a balanced diet while in school.

“At school it’s easier, because at home my parents would buy snacks, and I would pig out on those,” said Micah Herrmann, a freshman undeclared major. “But here if I don’t buy it and forget, it’s a good thing.”

Herrmann said he stays fit by controlling what he eats and walking.

Another way students can stay in shape is by taking advantage of one of the school’s perks: the Wellness Center.

Since it opened in August 2008, the new site has received more than 260,000 visits. One positive thing about the Wellness Center is the great variety of options available, students said.

“There’s a lot to do,” Herrmann said.

“The Wellness Center here is much better than all the other gyms in town, ” Anderson said.

She enjoys lifting weights to stay healthy.

“I know (with) most girls, it’s not their preferred thing, but it’s nice to get a little muscle tone every now and then.”

Darrington enjoys going to the Wellness Center once or twice a week.

“I usually just lift weights and then go ride the bikes. I’ve been meaning to go to the pool, but I haven’t yet this year. ? I’ll do warm-ups around the track. It’s pretty nice,” he said.

One of the problems with exercising while in college is finding the time in a cramped schedule.

“Comparing it to high school, it’s a lot more difficult because you have more time commitments,” Darrington said.

Anderson also said that her lifestyle is healthier when not in school.

“During the summer and winter break I’m very healthy. I go to the gym three days, maybe four days a week. ? During the school year, no.”

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