Rain puts a damper on columnist walking to class

Kali Lingen

Kali Lingen

I hate rainy days. I know hate is a strong word, but I dislike rainy days so much I think the word “hate” is very fitting for my disdain of rain, or precipitation in general.

Let me explain my reasoning for my hatred.

For the most part, rain is cold. Yes, it rains when it is warm out, but usually it is cold, or at the very least cool. I do not like being cold either. That could be why I am dreading winter so much this year. This is going to be my fourth and final winter here at SDSU and I am a little tired of walking to class in a 20-degrees-below-zero wind chill. That is a different matter entirely.

Secondly, while walking to class, or anywhere outside, my jeans get wet on the bottom. Also, my shoes get wet. That is very annoying. I have a pair of Pumas that seem to get soaked beyond belief and I dislike wet socks. Nothing is worse than sitting through class with wet socks. Usually, by the time my 50-minute class is over and I have to trek back outside, my shoes and pants have dried.

When it is rainy, gray and ominous outside, I want to get right back into bed. Rainy days make me want to curl up with a good book, a warm cup of herbal tea and Jack Johnson playing in the background. Also, watching a cheesy ’80s movie would be a fantastic idea.

There is just something so horrible about going outside when it is raining. Some people actually go outside on purpose because of the rain-and they actually enjoy it. I think those people are crazy.

Have you ever looked, and I mean actually looked, at someone walking with an umbrella? There is nothing so odd-looking. It is like when a word is said over and over about fifteen times and then it begins to sound so strange and wrong. I think an umbrella is that kind of awkwardness.

I have an umbrella that I have had since freshman year. It is an ugly-looking green and brown plaid color. I hate lugging it around to classes when it is raining, but I dislike getting rained on even more, so I use it.

Rain is nice when I can stay inside, or it is pouring down late at night when I am sleeping. Then I have no problem with the rain. I welcome the rain then. I only like it when it is convenient for me. I thoroughly enjoy the sound and smell of the rain, as long as I do not have to be out in it.

Soon, the rain will turn into snow and sleet. Oh joy. I am really excited – not.