Grand Pooba makes Hobo Day a reality

Emma Dejong

Emma Dejong

Laughter, excitement and students dressed as hobos is what one should expect to see this Saturday, as well as the days leading up to it.

Jackrabbits will attend and enjoy the various events of Hobo Day, but little do they know how much time and hard work Hobo Day Committee members put into their homecoming week. Seeing the outcome of weeks of planning and preparation is something sophomore Megan Schiferl, an undecided major, cannot wait for any longer.

Between the equestrian team, Student Senate and University Program Council (UPC), Schiferl has a busy schedule. Added to her plate this week is her role of Hobo Day’s Grand Pooba.

“I’m only as busy as I want to be, so I can’t complain,” Schiferl said.

The Grand Pooba is essentially the Hobo Day Coordinator. This includes delegating jobs to other Hobo Day Committee members and overseeing their progress. Schiferl has been most involved with planning the parade on Oct. 24.

“I can’t even wait for the parade,” she said. “It’s going to be awesome. It’s a great way to tie SDSU and the community together in one cohesive unit.”

Marysz Rames, vice president for student affairs, has been chosen by the Hobo Day Committee to represent the students in the parade as Grand Marshal. Rames has helped plan the week’s festivities each of the 20-plus years she has worked at SDSU, so it will be a different experience for her to be in the parade instead of behind the scenes.

“When the students came and asked me to be Grand Marshal, it was an honor,” Rames said. “I am still taken aback.”

Hobo Day Committee member and Floats Coordinator Ashton Wenz, a junior economics major, admires Schiferl and what she has done as the Grand Pooba.

“[Schiferl] is handling it very well,” Wenz said. “It’s a lot of stress trying to plan this.”

Schiferl hopes students have a good time over the week, saying she “hopes everybody gets into it as much as I have.” Rames agrees, predicting it will be a great experience, judging by what she has seen in the past.

“I absolutely love the week,” Rames said. “I love watching the students and their passion.”

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