Audacious ‘Cavorts’ brings the crazy out

Ambrosio Rodriguez

Ambrosio Rodriguez

The University Program Council office is buzzing a week before Hobo Days. Pale yellow posters, random scraps of paper and three-ring binders flow over the edges of the table.

In the center of all the chaos is Michael Preszler, a senior journalism and Spanish major and first-year UPC member. This year Preszler is hosting Cavorts, which, in his eyes, is one of the most important events of the year.

Cavorts is the student talent show hosted by SDSU on the Friday of Hobo Week. Do not expect an amateur hour, however; the contestants have to participate in an audition and pass the rigorous judges.

The board of judges consists of relevant faculty, who are “an integral cog in the SDSU machine,” according to Thomas Brinker, a media production major and Cavorts participant.

This year 23 acts, consisting of bands, comedy acts and everything in between, tried out. Only 10 made the cut.

“You can expect comic geniuses, a capella, singers, bands, singer/songwriters, dancers. There is a really diverse group of acts that will perform,” Brinker said.

At the show, performers will be given six to seven minutes to showcase their skills. Performances will be evaluated by five judges consisting of Students’ Association President Matt Tollefson, Grand Pooba Megan Schiferl, Student Union Director Jennifer Novotny, SDSU Director of Choral Activities Steven Grives and Billy Wilburn of the Theatre Department.

Jared Schager, a freshman majoring in health promotion, is excited to attend his first Cavorts.

“I am excited for the whole Hobo Days week and all the events of the week, ” Schager said. “I once heard that the men in Mathews (Hall) would host naked aerobics in the parking lot every morning.”

Schager does not know if things will get that crazy this year, but he hopes the week will include some joy.

“Cavorts sounds like something fun and legal to do. I’ll be there for sure,” Schager said.

Similar to many SDSU students, Schager is looking for something enjoyable to do during the week since many have midterm tests.

Fraternities Delta Chi and Sigma Phi Epsilon will compete as part of Cavorts, as well, and there is no telling what they will bring to the table.

Kyle Beck, a singer/songwriter who competed last year will return to Cavorts, but there are also some newcomers to the stage.

Brinker and sophomore sociology major Maggie Aldrich will be competing this year.

“We are popping our Cavorts cherry,” Aldrich said during a sitdown with her “partner in crime,” Brinker. They will be performing a chess tournament skit made famous on Saturday Night Live.

“Soak up the awkwardness of everything on stage, really waft it in,” Brinker said. “It will be flowing off the stage.”

Other than on stage at Cavorts, students can catch Brinker on 90.7 New Rock on Tuesdays from 5 to 7 p.m.

“I attended Cavorts last year, and the variety of acts was brilliant,” Brinker said.

“We poured our sweat, tears and blood into this skit. I mean on a scale of one to fun, I’d be purple!” Aldrich said.

Cavorts promises to be interesting to say the least, or in Preszler’s words, “Get some entertainment at Cavorts and stay classy, SDSU.”