Beef Bucks provide meaty treats

Amy Poppinga

Amy Poppinga

Bob Montross envisions a new type of money system in the United States: Beef Bucks.

“It’s the next form of currency,” he said. “I want everyone to have one in their pocket.”

Beef Bucks, formerly called South Dakota Beef Bucks, are pre-paid checks or VISA debit cards that can be used to purchase beef or beef meals wherever checks or VISA cards are accepted. Through use of these bucks, the program strives to promote the beef industry and educate consumers on the product, Montross said.

“We love the industry and the people,” said Montross’ wife, Nancy. “There’s nothing like the people in the beef industry.”

The Montrosses recently visited SDSU as part of the Beef Bowl activities. Beef Bucks sponsored the live broadcast of Col. Jon Phillips of the Price Discovery Report in the Animal Science Building the day prior to the Beef Bowl.

At SDSU, several people are appreciative of the Beef Bucks program. Some students here have received scholarship money from the program. Adam Rhody, manager of the Meat Lab, said the program does a great job encouraging people to buy beef.

“Beef tastes good, and it’s good for you,” Rhody said. “Beef provides minerals you can’t get anywhere else.”

The Beef Bucks program was founded in De Smet, S.D., in 1997. Since then, customers have used the bucks in more than 40 states at such places as fast food restaurants, grocery stores and home delivery services. More than $1 million in Beef Bucks have been sold.

“We want every man, woman and child eating beef,” said Bob Montross.

Beef Bucks can be used as gifts, the Montrosses said. If students do not know what to buy someone, they can give someone the beef bucks to purchase meat at their local grocery store or to buy a hamburger and fries at a restaurant, they said.

“One grandma bought cards for her grandkids going to college,” said Nancy Montross.

Dani Herring, a senior agriculture education major, has received Beef Bucks as a gift. She said she would like to see more information on where the bucks can be used, but overall, she said the marketing effort for beef products is great.

“It’s a benefit because it’s encouraging people to utilize beef more,” she said. “It’s positive for the beef industry.”

#1.881442:3772823745.jpg:DSC06849.jpg:Col. Jon Phillips of the Price Discovery Report interviews head football coach John Stiegelmeier the day before the Beef Bowl. Beef Bucks, a program that promotes beef products, helped sponsor the live broadcast.:Amy Poppinga