Fashion is a game; new rules debut

Marina Thongphanh

Marina Thongphanh

Leaves are falling, colors are changing and the cold weather is slowly creeping up on us. However, that doesn’t mean we need to pack our summer apparel away and pull out the bulky sweatshirts and sweatpants just yet.

The top trends for fall have arrived, and layering is a key item. Keep those summer dresses and tank tops out and add a long sleeve underneath or throw a blazer over it. This look is cute and will also keep you warm at the same time. Military jackets, also known as band jackets, are rising in popularity right now. The late Michael Jackson rocked the style for years and now it’s back. Military jackets are very masculine so to keep this look feminine, it is better to pair it with skinny jeans, dresses or tights. Boyfriend or boot-cut jeans will make this look too militant.

Lately, studs have been slowly making a comeback. Perhaps the death of Michael Jackson subconsciously made this trend blow up too. They are on everything this fall, but you don’t need to go all-out rocker chic to wear them. To keep this look subtle, choose only one piece. A studded belt or handbag is a more elusive way to wear this look. If you’re not afraid to take this trend to the next level, you definitely need studded boots, a studded jacket and whatever else studded that you can get your hands on.

To avoid shiny overload, only wear two pieces at the same time. Adding something studded updates any wardrobe and gives you an edgier vibe. A nice change from the denim we’re used to wearing is gray. Gray jeans are sleek and sophisticated yet simultaneously fun. To pull this off, find a tight-fitting pair. They don’t have to be skinny ones, but select a cut that is close-fitting to your waist and thighs. The type of top depends on the style of the jeans, but colors that work best with them are black, white, purple and pink.

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