Problem ? Lack of reserved spots creates headaches, families say

Emma Dejong

Emma Dejong

With kids in the back seat and a trunk full of groceries, the last thing the Family Student Housing residents want to deal with is another student using their reserved parking spot.

However, the lots are not labeled clearly and this is exactly what is happening, residents there said.

Each apartment in FSH buildings is guaranteed one parking spot in the lot by the building. The spots, though, are often occupied by other students since it is a 19 lot. Most students living in the residence halls with a 19 decal don’t know there are some 19 lots they are not supposed to use, FSH residents said.

“We have designated parking spots, but there is nothing that says you cannot park here if you do not live in this house,” said Umesh Rosyara, a plant science graduate student.

Having one parking decal per family is inconvenient for many of the residents and losing their spot is just an added burden, families said.

Last year, residents wanted the option of purchasing two parking decals so they could have one decal to park in their resident lot and one to park near their on-campus jobs, many of which are on the other side of campus.

“Our response was ‘No, that’s not fair. Everybody else gets one,” said Mike Reger, vice president for administration.

Muna Kadariya, a plant science graduate student, normally uses walking as her method of transportation, but there are times she has to drive.

“Sometimes I’m scared to go get groceries in the night time,” Kadaiya said. “I think all of the families in the area are having a problem.”

Kadariya and other residents have made multiple phone calls to the SDSU Police Department, hoping they can help. Students who are parking in someone else’s space have to be tracked down, which takes time people often do not have, families said.

“We can find a spot in a 19 lot somewhere, but that can be inconvenient,” Rosyara said.

SDSUPD has been dealing with the issue and is in the process of finding solutions, the students have been told.

“I don’t think this is a big problem,” Rosyara said. “It can be solved easily. I think it should be clearly defined that those spots are designated for the occupants of the housing.”

#1.881423:850054442.jpg:Appartment zAssignment 1.jpg:In Family Student Housing, people taking residents’ parking spots is a common complaint. The SDSUPD is working on the issue.:Ryan Robinson