Rocket album worth long wait


Cat Hill

A Rocket To The Moon is based in Braintree, Mass., and consists of Nick Santino, Justin Richards (formerly of Brighten), Eric Halvorsen and Andrew Cook. Santino first started A Rocket to the Moon as a solo project in 2006, but after positive responses, he continued to pursue the music industry. From the quality of this most recent album, On Your Side, Santino and the music industry appear to fit very well.

I have been waiting for this album since April. I had high expectations, and they were met and exceeded.

On Your Side is a 12-track album featuring catchy, up-beat songs as well as beautiful, low-key ballads. After exceeding 250 plays on my iTunes in less than a week, I knew that “She’s Killing Me” is the powerhouse of the album. It’s the song that can brighten a mood. It has powerful lyrics that people can relate to in one form or another.

A Rocket to the Moon didn’t just stick to their normal alternative-pop genre on this album. The song “Sometimes” was such a pleasant surprise on this album because it is a more electronically driven song. Frontman Brandon Wronski of Eye, Alaska, is featured on this song and adds a new twist. This song is well done, especially for taking a risky change of pace.

The title track “On Your Side” has something that just makes the song work. Perhaps it is the softness of the instrumentals – because even the drums seem to carry a gentle tone – or it could be the hooks of the song that help it stay stuck in your head for hours. Either way, this song is a beautiful way to wrap up an album.

I am now okay with waiting seven months for this album. This album was such a change from the previous EPs. Greetings From … was a well-done album, but I felt that Santino’s voice was too electronically modified. After seeing this band twice live, I can tell that this album clearly brings out a more natural tone. So, all in all, this album was a great success: 4.5/5.