New retail outlet has various chic styles for Brookings

Marina Thongphanh

Marina Thongphanh

When students think of Brookings, shopping isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. Often, we decide to drive at least an hour to get to the closest mall or our favorite retailer. Skip that car ride and stay in town. We might not always realize it, but Brookings does have a lot to offer.

One example is the relatively new clothing store, Glik’s. It is a clothing retailer that was founded by Joseph Glik more than a century ago when he sold merchandise from a horse-drawn wagon. The company now has more than 53 locations in Missouri, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and South Dakota. The company positions its stores in smaller cities to bring fashion into small towns. The apparel featured is an East Coast-meets-West Coast look that is not seen often around here, which is why it’s tailored to the Midwest.

Glik’s is committed to having the latest styles and new trends. These are based around name brands like Quicksilver, Roxy, Hurley, Billabong and The North Face. Erin, the store manager at Glik’s, says their store’s most important sales in the men’s department is Hurley and in the women’s, Sinful and Miss Me. She describes the company culture as bringing fashion to small towns. The company has easy access to higher fashion from vendors in big cities and fashion shows while still remaining affordable.

Main target customers are students in high school and college. The fashion choices the company brings are popular with teens and people in their early 20s. Glik’s is one of the oldest family-owned companies in the United States. During a time like this when most family chained stores have fallen victim to the declining retail market, Glik’s is moving forward.

Erin said, “I see Glik’s expanding more. They added four stores in South Dakota all in six months.” The company’s success is credited to its flexibility, niche in hometown retail and dedication to customer service.

When asked about what she liked most about working there, Cortney, an associate at Glik’s responded by saying, “I like helping customers and selling quality clothing. When that one customer comes in who hates her body and can’t ever find anything, it’s the best feeling ever when they do find something here that fits and looks good on them.”

So instead of taking a long trip to the big city just to go shopping, keep it local and shop Glik’s. Glik’s is located on 22nd Avenue between Felicity and Rage.