Parking committee approves refund structure for those leaving campus

Amy Poppinga

Amy Poppinga

Students who have to leave school unexpectedly should soon be able to get their parking passes refunded.

The Parking and Traffic Committee approved a refund structure at its Nov. 10 meeting. These refunds are meant to help students who leave in the middle of the semester due to unforeseen situations or those who bought a pass but then decide not to attend SDSU.

“Without this refund policy, it’s money they already spent that they can’t get back,” said Eric Haiar, a Students’ Association representative on the committee.

At the end of September, the Students’ Association also approved a resolution in support of the parking refunds with the condition that students could receive a full refund up to the add/drop date.

“If someone has to go, we want them to leave on a good note, not a bad note so maybe in the future, they will come back to campus,” said Tim Goldammer, SA senator and chairman of the Parking and Traffic Committee.

Mike Reger, vice president for administration, still needs to approve the policy. Reger said he plans to approve the refund structure once it crosses his desk. The policy should then take effect immediately.