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Vanessa Marcano

Vanessa Marcano

There are many times at SDSU when dorm-residing students may wonder what there is to do on campus. Sometimes when there is not a campus event, it is hard to come up with ideas of what students should do with their friends. Though the weather is getting colder and there are not as many outdoor activities that are easily played, students that live on campus should not have too much trouble finding an activity, game or television to watch within their residence halls.

Hansen Hall

Featuring a game room in its basement, Hansen houses around 436 students and is perceived to be the dorm room of preference for many agriculture students. Though still equipped with several entertainment options, Hansen residents mourned the loss of their green space, where the legendary Oozeball games were held, to a parking lot. Emma Johnson, a sophomore nursing major and a Community Assistant at Hansen said the hall has pool and foosball tables as well as a TV in the basement. An area for playing board games -available for checkout through the front desk– or socializing or watching TV is located in the main lobby. A piano practicing room is located in the basement.

Past events: Halloween dances; jitterbug lessons, which had a large turnout, according to Johnson.Upcoming events: speed dating; alcohol education program; puppy chow cooking event; arts and crafts; “Sexio” – bingo with a twist. Dances and diversity activities for Diversity Month in December.

Wecota and Waneta Complex

Up to 290 students can call this dorm complex home. Wecota, also known as just “the annex” houses many upperclassmen in single rooms. Carrie Moore, a junior journalism major at Waneta, said the complex features a volleyball court, a ping pong and pool table, a TV lounge, as well as plenty of board and card games. Frisbies, footballs and others are available for checkout at the front desk. “We also do weekly programs, such as anti-drinking, meeting up with police officers, but also social programs such as making window clings and ‘Meeting Neighbors’ night,” she said.

Berg and Bailey apartments

Home to nearly 200 students, Berg and Bailey’s atmospheres are two of the most relaxed on campus. Front desk hours are varied and recreation facilities are limited. There are multipurpose rooms with chairs, desks and a TV in each of the hall’s main lobbies. At least twice a semester, Berg and Bailey’s residents meet for activities such as grocery bingo, ice cream or pizza socials. The courtyard separating Berg and Bailey has a sand volleyball court.

Front Desk HoursFront desk hours for dorms (except Berg and Bailey):

Monday – Wednesday: 9 a.m. to midnightThursday – Friday: 9 a.m. to 3 a.m.Saturday: noon to 3 a.m.Sunday: noon to midnight

Students need their student ID to check out equipment at each of the residence hall front desks.