Columnist reflects on newspaper memories

Zach Anderson

Zach Anderson

Now that the college football season is over, minus the bowl season, I will take a moment to reflect on my time as Assistant Sports Editor here at The Collegian.

In this column I won’t try to interview the Campanile or Coughlin-Alumni Stadium but rather just attempt to reflect on memories I have.

During my two-semester tenure, I covered some amazing events such as the NDSU Bison games at the Summit League Basketball Tournament in Sioux Falls (the men won and advanced to the March Madness tournament) or watching the women’s soccer team suffer two double overtime defeats and then rallying to win their last five games to claim the Summit League regular season title after a victory over NDSU.

Seeing firsthand some of the Jacks’ early success at the Division I level (both as a reporter and some as a fan) was vital to my growth as a journalist. Not only were the events big but they were also history in the making for Jackrabbit athletics. There is a positive outlook for the future of Jackrabbit athletics because these teams are only going to get better and the writers that will step in when I depart will see this firsthand. I see good things ahead.

I will leave The Collegian with many fond memories of this place, from all the wise editorial board discussions that we debated to the 2 a.m. (or later) Wednesday mornings spent editing pages.

On another note, I would like to thank all the coaches and players that I have interviewed for stories during my time at The Collegian. Without them, the stories I wrote would have been pretty bland.

As for SDSU, I will remember all the good friends I have made, the amazing memories and try to forget the homework that I procrastinated. Thanks for the memories.