Grads rent gowns

Briana Troske

Briana Troske

December graduation is almost here, and it’s time for students to begin their preparation. A good start for this fall’s graduates is to begin renting their caps and gowns from the University Bookstore.

In previous years, the bookstore in The Union has offered gowns for students to buy. This year, however, the bookstore has decided to begin renting gowns instead.

“We have decided to rent because then we can offer nicer gowns with a lower cost and we want to help with the green effect,” said Bill Marsh, who works at the bookstore. “We can return the gowns to the suppliers instead of throwing them away.”

The cost of renting the gowns is $20 and includes the cap, gown and tassel. The students may keep their caps and tassels, but must return the gowns. If a robe is damaged, the bookstore will still accept it without charge.

Two years ago, the gowns cost the same price as it does now for the students to rent. Many students have gotten their gowns, but Marsh says he will put in a reorder to anticipate late students.

“No deadline will be set for students to get their gowns,” said Derek Peterson, the director of the bookstore. “The only problem we have is that we cannot guarantee the robes will fit exactly right if students do wait until the day of the ceremony.”

Candice Bonrud, a senior graduating with a major in global studies from Minneapolis, Minn., said she is in favor of the change.

“I like being able to rent the robes instead of buying them because no one will wear their gowns after graduation anyways,” she said. “You can hand it back in to the bookstore and not have to worry about it anymore.”