Spring can’t come soon enough, says columnist

Kali Lingen

Kali Lingen

Snow. Cold, white, fluffy snow. Insert sarcasm and disdain here. Although I like snow more than rain, I still don’t like precipitation in general, especially cold precipitation.

I will admit though, the big white snow globe-type snowflakes are beautiful and I do love seeing them. I would prefer to have a window between those snowflakes and me, of course. I also am excited for a teensy millisecond when the first snow fall of the year occurs, but then I remember I will have to walk to class in it and the excitement quickly fades.

I am a girl, and I get cold. I am cold for the better part of the six horrible months, or what most people call winter. Six months may be an exaggeration. My dislike for snow is not an exaggeration.

I am already sick of wearing sweatshirts to class. And I’m not ready to give up wearing my Converse All Stars for winter boots just yet. I don’t like having cold feet, but I will most likely keep wearing inappropriate shoes until the day I am sure my toes are going to fall off. When that day comes, I will welcome the snow boots, but I won’t welcome them with open arms.

I’ve heard people say we have been very lucky with a long and warm fall, but I firmly believe winter should begin on Dec. 24 and end Jan. 2. That would be perfect. Just enough cold and snow for Christmas and New Year’s Day, and then it can be gone. I would thoroughly enjoy that.

I know, I know. If I dislike snow so much, maybe I shouldn’t have picked South Dakota to go to school. I thought I could handle it because I have lived in various parts of Minnesota my entire life, but it is just windy and cold here, which I cannot withstand for too much longer. At least this is my last year at SDSU and my last winter of walking to class in the frigid weather.

I look forward to the day it begins to feel like spring and the snow melts. Dealing with mud and slush is much more pleasant than cold flakes falling from the sky.

It seems as though I rant, rave and generally complain about the weather a little too much. That is probably true. To all of the snow lovers out there, I commend you for being able to withstand and love this weather, you crazy people.