TEB is saving indie


Cat Hill

With the indie clothing style on the rise, it is ironic that the indie music scene is starting to disappear. There is a band, however, that is determined to preserve it. That band is Third Eye Blind. They released their most recent album, Ursa Major, on Aug. 17.

This 12-track record starts off powerfully. The first song, “Can You Take Me,” is an incredible opener that gears the listener for the rest. And the rest certainly doesn’t disappoint. “One in Ten” has a beautiful use of brass instruments. This track also brings about more of an indie vibe, with a little bit of ska thrown in, as well. This song was really a nice middle track. The final track on the album was simply instrumental, but it felt so in place. “Carnival Barker” was very calm and laid back. It was a great way to wrap up the album.

Third Eye Blind first started in 1997 in Oakland, Calif. Currently, Third Eye Blind consists of Stephan Jenkins, Brad Hargreaves and Tony Fredanelli. There is word that they are releasing a new album entitled Ursa Minor. This record will have the songs that didn’t make Ursa Major. It will almost be like a B-Side album.

This album definitely impressed me. I was unfamiliar with Third Eye Blind but decided to investigate by request. I am very glad that I looked into it. If they continue to produce albums like this one, the indie music scene may just be saved from extinction. I give this album a 4.3/5.