New Op/Ed editor excited for coming opinions, heated debate

Tony Gorder

Tony Gorder

Hello, I’m Tony Gorder. I’m a junior pre-law student majoring in political science and minoring in journalism. I’m also the new Opinion/Editorial page editor. This is my third semester here at The Collegian, and I am thrilled to be a part of this great publication again.

I wanted the position as Op/Ed editor because it has always been the first page I turn to when I’m reading any newspaper. I love debate, and I love listening to other people’s views, whether I agree with them or not. In fact, I think it is far more beneficial to read something that differs from my particular beliefs than it is to read something that completely agrees with them because it challenges me to work out why I adhere my views; it challenges me to either back up my beliefs and solidify them or realize that I was wrong and change accordingly.

My goal is to run an Op/Ed page that engages readers in a variety of topics, issues and opinions. I also hope to get reactions from regular students on a variety of issues.

I never wrote a story or column that spawned any letters to the editor, but I can tell you that most journalists and columnists, I would assume, would be thrilled that to know that their story or column affected readers enough for at least one of them to take the time to react to it, either positively or negatively. At least, I would feel this way. So, I encourage anyone reading who has an opinion they would like to express to inquire about writing a column or write a letter to the editor. It’s easy to share an opinion and react verbally, but it’s harder to do this formally in writing, and I challenge readers to do just that.