Wellness Center calls on Jacks to get fit in 2010

Vanessa Marcano

Vanessa Marcano

As the last minutes of 2009 were left behind, many people may have been seen making their heartfelt new year’s resolutions: less procrastination, taking up that new hobby, or one of the most popular ones, lose weight and be healthier.

In an effort to help students achieve their health goals, the Wellness Center has launched “2010 minutes in 2010”.

This is a program to keep track and reward students’ regular physical activity under recommendations from the Center for Disease Control.

Kelly Ode, a Wellness Center intern in charge of the program, explained that the CDC recommends adults to engage in at least 150 minutes of physical activity every week -specifically moderate aerobic activity or “cardio”-the type that raises heart rate and causes people to break a sweat.

The goal is to encourage Jackrabbits to stick with their resolutions by reaching 2010 minutes of physical activity over the course of 14 weeks in the spring semester, she said.

The program starts on Feb. 1 and will go through to May 7.

Students can sign up at the front desk of the Wellness Center and once the countdown begins, they will have to write down the date, time and minutes of physical activity in the designated binder so it can be tracked every week.

If students have kept up with the 150-minute-a-week recommendation during the month, they will be eligible to enter a drawing to win different prizes, such as laptop bags or water bottles.

Students will receive e-mails with updates on their minutes, as well as tips on how to be healthier, Ode said.

Valid physical activities include running, walking, spinning or other fitness classes, playing basketball, but not weight training because it does not constitute cardiovascular exercise.

Regardless of how the minutes were distributed throughout the month, if a student reaches the recommended amount of time, he or she can enter the drawing.

This means that if, for example, a student did not reach 150 minutes one week, there is a chance to “make up” the lost time during another week.

Those who reach 2010 minutes by the end of the semester enter a drawing for grand prizes, including a gift card for the Community Fitness Center, among other possibly sponsored gifts, Ode said.

People can sign up after Feb. 1, but will have to complete additional minutes to catch up with the rest.

“It’s important to be healthy individuals, to get into shape,” Ode said. “Some people’s resolutions are to lose weight or to get fit, so this is a good opportunity to start and get that ball rolling.”

Stay informed, stay healthy

To achieve 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every week, try short 10-minute brisk walks, three times a day, five days a week. For more information on the CDC’s tips for physical activity, visit http://www.cdc.gov/physicalactivity/everyone/guidelines/adults.html