New Internet provider comes to Brookings

Serene Reinbolz

Serene Reinbolz

Mediacom and Swiftel Communications currently dominate Internet service in the Brookings area. But a new provider, Sioux Valley Wireless, is now offering the latest in Internet access.

The new service, called WiMAX, will be available in Brookings and the surrounding area.

“WiMAX is the next generation of wireless technology,” according to “It is designed to enable pervasive, high-speed mobile Internet access to the widest array of devices.

“These include notebook PCs, handsets, smart phones, and consumer electronics such as gaming devices, cameras, camcorders, music players and more.”

Users can connect with more devices, in more places, more often. There are no Wi-Fi hotspot restrictions.

Carrie Law, Sioux Valley Wireless director of communications and government relations, thinks this will change how people use the Internet.

“Major wireless providers such as Sprint/Clearwire are working on WiMAX build-outs across the country,” Law said. “They are investing billions of dollars to do this and have built WiMAX systems in major metropolitan areas such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Portland and Dallas.

“Brookings is the first fully mobile WiMAX system in the state of South Dakota,” she said.

A great feature of this new system is that it is wireless, mobile and its coverage areas extend for miles. Another feature is that WiMAX subscribers are not required to pay for an extra phone line, which is beneficial for those who wish to get rid of their landlines. There is no contract needed and Sioux Valley Wireless is local.

“There are also WiMAX systems in Sioux Falls, Hartford and Madison,” Law said. “In the future, WiMAX Internet capabilities will be similar to the cell phone ? your service will work just about anywhere and you’ll pay one service fee to one company.

“Roaming will be inexpensive and your service will be reliable all across the country,” said Law.

Currently, SDSU students have the best deal and can receive $20 off the cost of a USB or PC Card modem, one month of free service for self-installed and USB/PC Card services or half off professional installation if they are outside of the coverage area.

“I really think that this is a great opportunity for students and residents,” Eren Kaya, a freshman economics major, said. “It’s good that we can have the latest technology and it’s even better that SDSU students get a better deal on it.”

WiMAX Packages

Standard Pricing:

Residential service:$29.95 per monthAdditional residential service:$14.98 per month per device, up to three additional devicesBusiness service:$39.95 per monthAdditional business service:$19.98 per month per device, up to three additional devices