Anarbor shows talent and powerful sound


Cat Hill

This week, I’d like to introduce you to Anarbor. These four boys come from Phoenix, Ariz. Formed in 2003, Anarbor has been a strong up-and-coming band ever since.

In April 2008, they signed to the Hopeless Records label. Many of you have probably heard this band before; you just weren’t aware of it. Their song “Let the Games Begin” is the opening theme song to Good Day L.A., and it was also used in the NFL Kickoff Show on NBC during a recap of the ’08-’09 season. Anarbor’s music is used regularly on ESPN’s


Anarbor’s most recent album, Free Your Mind, was released March 10, 2009. This seven-track album, while short, has a ton of power.

The strongest song on the album is “Always Dirty, Never Clean.” This song encompasses the band’s values. In this song, they coin the phrase, “Music is what you hear, and not what you see.” That’s a mindset that has been lost in today’s music scene.

Another impressive song is “Where the Wild Things Are (Monsters).”

It’s a song talking about how this guy is sick and tired of the tricks and games that this girl is playing and he’s calling her out on it.

Now, these boys aren’t all fun and games. They have a softer, yet no less powerful, song called “Halfway Sober.” As I mentioned, while this album is short, it doesn’t lack any power and it certainly displays a great amount of talent from these boys.

Anarbor has shared the stage with many fantastic bands and this summer, you can see them on Warped Tour. This band has such promise and skill, they’re not a band you want to miss.