The Collegian celebrates 125th

Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown

In celebration of the newspaper’s 125th anniversary, The Collegian staff plans on publishing a series of stories on some of the most profound moments in history that had an effect on SDSU’s students.

The first issue of SDSU’s student newspaper was called the College Sheaves and was a bi-weekly publication. Its then editor-in-chief was E.A. Anderson.

The Sheaves later changed its name to the Dakota Collegian and became a monthly publication. In 1889 the name was changed again to the South Dakota Collegian.

By the end of 1891 the newspaper’s name changed to The Industrial Collegian.

The Industrial Collegian was selected twice as the best all-around college paper in the North Central Press Association Conference.

In the upcoming issues of this month’s Collegian, look for the 125th anniversary stories focusing on a number of big moments for SDSU.

Some of these will include how women’s presence at SDSU has changed in the time they have been allowed to attend the university. Other stories will relate to D-Day in 1944 and how the passage of the G.I. Bill in 1945 affected student enrollment at SDSU. More recent stories, like when and how SDSU became a Division I school will be in the works as well.