Step Show brings rhythm to crowds

Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson

Choreography, African American culture and a large crowd.

Queen Ekobena, president of SDSU’s Black Student Alliance, promises all three of these in the Seventh Annual Step Show.

“The Step Show shows African American culture and a different kind of dance, and people get to see that,” said Ekobena, a second year graduate student. “There are more groups than last year, which is why it had to be moved to the Performing Arts Center.”

The Step Show, co-sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs, is Feb. 6 at 7 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center. It is free to SDSU students and $5 for everyone else.

The event was previously held in Doner Auditorium, but was moved to the PAC to allow for a larger crowd.

The groups that are participating in the event include Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., Beta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., Lambda Beta Nu Sorority Inc., SMSU Showstoppers and BSA’s Gas Squad.

These groups are from Nebraska and Minnesota, said Ekobena.

“I have been in BSA since 2007,” said Ekobena, who will be co-hosting the event with Julian Wagner, BSA secretary. “I joined Beta (Phi Beta sorority) in November and it will be extra exciting to be a part of a sorority.”

You have to find a chapter that is willing to work with you and it was a lot of commuting between here and Omaha, said Ekobena.

This year’s event will be different from years past, while still keeping constant with many of its traditions.

“This year, we are getting the crowd involved, and it will be a lot of fun,” said Wagner. “It’s going to be a blast co-hosting with Queen.”

“We are doing the show a little different this year,” said Ekobena. “There will be an introduction for each group kind of like a setup for an awards show.”

Current events will also be tied into the step show.

“We will also talk about Black History Month and incorporate Valentine’s Day into it as well,” said Ekobena.

Ages of steppers range throughout all years of college and for some, fall in the same family.

“This is my first year stepping,” said Eddy Ekobena, member of BSA and Queen’s younger brother. “I was aware of the Step Show, but Queen introduced me to it even more.”

Each member of the BSA has their favorite part of the step show.

“I like seeing different and returning students,” said Queen Ekobena. “It’s good to catch up with everyone.”

“My favorite part is just watching the group that is performing,” said Eddy Ekobena, a junior pre-pharmacy major. “I think the choreography makes it an original event.”

The Step Show will most likely attract an even larger crowd this year, and that’s what the members of BSA are hoping for.

“Last year was a huge event, so we moved it from Doner Auditorium to the PAC this year,” said Wagner, a sophomore journalism major. “Thanks to OMA, it should be a show to remember.”

“Be sure to get there early,” said Queen Ekobena. “Students should go because there are not many African Americans in South Dakota, and it’s a good way to see a different culture.”